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African Immigrant Ministry Update

I was honored to have the opportunity to attend the recent Eastern District convention (6/16-6/18) as a guest speaker to share some ministry pictures and speak about the work God is doing here at Trinity Lutheran Church.

Since that time we have held a special “African Worship Celebration” evening service on June 25th. At this service, traditional African music was played in worship for our Lord and Living Savior Jesus the Christ.  We encouraged lay participation in scripture readings, music, and personal testimonies under the supervision of Pastor Mokry who preached a sermon entitled, “Ablaze with the Love of Jesus”.

The attendance for this service was 37, which we give thanks and praise to God for! It was certainly an encouragement to see ethnic ministry forming and taking root. The majority in attendance were Liberian, however two Sudanese families also came. Also, two of the Sudanese in attendance are Muslims who had the opportunity to hear the gospel preached in its fullness. For this we also give thanks!

We collected a special offering to support the work of the African Immigrant Ministry at Christ Assembly Lutheran Church in Philadelphia, PA. The offering of $77.00 was sent to Rev. Arthur Zogar to aid in the construction of a 16 room LCMS school in Monrovia, Liberia. Their “Mission for Liberia” mission statement is: “To build a Lutheran school where the Word of God is taught, a health care center where the healing love of Christ is shown, and eventually a self-supporting, confessional Lutheran congregation in Monrovia, Liberia where the Gospel of the forgiveness of sins in Jesus Christ is proclaimed.” We are thankful for the opportunity to engage in kingdom-building efforts by supporting projects such as this.  Following the service we had a potluck with traditional African foods and music. This certainly seemed to be a community building event with much fellowship and a good time had by all. We are planning to hold another African Worship Celebration service towards the end of August. 

We have noticed that spiritual warfare is certainly ongoing within this community. Nearly every single African-immigrant home has been visited by Mormons (LDS), Jehovah’s Witnesses, or both! These cults pose a serious spiritual danger to those unaware of their heretical teachings.

At the moment there is a job opening for an African Ministry Coordinator position. Please contact me if you have interest. Also, continue to pray that the Lord would grant us success in reaching out to the African immigrant community in a wider scope. Thanks to all of you who help in so many ways with clothing donations, rides to church, rides for medical appointments and job interviews, and showing the love of Christ in personal ways.

For the Kingdom,

Roger Harrison 

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